Kathmandu Concert



1. “Take It Easy”
Take: Namaste! Hello! Konnichiwa! Thank you very much for coming to our concert. We are Godiego and coming from Japan. We’d like you to enjoy the concert. You can clap your hands. … Before we play the next song, we want you to sit down. If you stand like that, it’s gonna be very dangerous. Please sit down…[…] We’re gonna play three songs. The first one is called…
2. “Steppin’ into Your World”
3. “Joy”
4. “Where’ll We Go from Now”
Take: …You have so many wonderful things in your country. And one of the greatest things is the Himalayas, which gave us the idea for our first big hit in Japan. The song is called “Gandhara.” In this song we sing about a utopia. I hope you like it.
5. “Gandhara”
6. “Progress and Harmony”
7. “The Dragon’s Come Alive”
8.“Try to Wake Up to a Morning”
Take: Last year was the UNICEF International Year of the Child. And we made a song for it, called “Every Child Has a Beautiful Name.” In Nepali, “Harek keta keti ko naun ramro tsa.” Right? Did you understand what I said? […] It’s a very easy song to sing. Please learn it and sing along with us.
9.“Every Child Has a Beautiful Name”

Teke: Before we came here, we wrote a song called “Kathmandu.” We hope you can share it with us. And we’d be glad if you could accept it as a gift from us to you. The words of this song go like this:

Bits and pieces of mystery
Questions of then and now
Floating here and floating there
Of who am I and who are you
Are coming together in Kathmandu
Coming together in Kathmandu
All the myth – coming together
All our souls – coming together
All our hurts – coming together in Kathnandu

10. “Kathmandu”
11. “Genesis”
12. “Monkey Magic”
13. “Celebration”
14. “Beautiful Name”
15. “Katumandu”
15:30 風で砂ぼこりが舞い始める中、終演

1980年2月7日(水) 晴
司会:「あのネパールの司会の人たち、名前はなんていったっけ。ドゥルーパと、カマルだったかな…」(by タケ)
Take and Yoko “Chattin’ About Music 61” The Student Times Friday, March 7, 1980. p.22

カトマンドゥー (MP3)
カトマンズコンサートの現地チラシをモチーフにした『Walk On 18号』(1980年5-6月)の表紙。
18号 1980_05-06月 1